Now stocking CLE Corojo Cigars

CLE Corojo Cigars

JM Cigars is now stocking premium cigars from the new company founded by Christian Eiroa, the president and long-time face of Camacho Cigars.  The new company is called CLE cigars and gets its name from Eiroa’s initials (Christian Luis Eiroa).  There are two lines being targeted.   The CLE Cuarenta will use a Habano-seed wrapper, while the CLE Corojo will use a corojo wrapper.  The cigars will be rolled in Honduras, at the Tabacos Ranchos Jamastran factory.  This is the same spot where Camacho Cigars have been made.

JM Cigars has the CLE Corojo in stock, and is available for your enjoyment.
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