Convert a Dorm Fridge Into a Cigar Humidor

frigidorIf your cigar enthusiasm has escalated to the point where you have multiple desktop humidors you may want to scour Craigslist for a non-working dorm or beer fridge and convert it into a large humidor by replacing the shelves with cedar planks and adding humidification devices and a hygrometer.

The author at DIY weblog Manly Crafts shares how he acquired a dead mini-fridge, had a few planks of cedar cut to line the back of the fridge and replace the wire metal shelves, added ahumidifier to each shelf, and placed a digital hygrometer in the door to keep an eye on the humidity. The seals around the refrigerator door work well to regulate humidity and stores a lot of cigar boxes. The author even turned his metal fridge into his cigar center by making cigar band magnets and adding accessories such as ashtrays, cutters, and lighters to a rack on top of the frigidor.

Cigar smoking is a slippery slope.You might start out slow, swing by the nearest cigar shop before a big night. Pick up one or two sticks.Suddenly you have your own desktop humidor, and it’s full.Then, you have two. They’re both full.At some point you need more storage.
After looking around on the internet, I finally found a solution to my problem: the Frigidor.

The frigidor is a great project if you have an extra dorm fridge, beer fridge, or an office fridge that just stopped working.
I acquired mine when a friend graduated from college and had to move. He had this fridge he had won from work, and never used.

This is an easy project.

  1. Clean out the inside
  2. Buy some Spanish Cedar Wood as thick as the normal shelves in the fridge.
  3. Cut the Cedar to fit the shelf slots
  4. Place extra cedar at the back of the fridge
  5. Add some humidification devices on each level
  6. Add a digital hygrometer to the side door
  7. Fill with boxes of cigars!
I bought some empty boxes for $1 each at a local cigar shop.
Call or email JM Cigars to inquire about empty cigar boxes, we have quite the selection
 Bonuses of a frigidor include:
  • Has a great seal – keeps humidity well
  • Lot’s of storage room
  • Becomes a cigar area that you can put your tools/ashtrays on top of
Someone threw away a fridge exactly like this one because the motor blew out. A buddy of mine has one just like this, and loves it.
For a personal touch, I turned some of my cigar bands into magnets using foam poster board, some decoupage, and some stick on magnets. The Partagas box in the center holds some extra matches and glass cigar tubes for travel.
You can also use travel coolers to give the same effect – but I think the fridge looks a little classier.

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